Speaker Biography

Kazuko Tatsumura

Graduated from Toho Academy of Music in Tokyo, as a pianist and composer, invited by the Boston Symphony, she came to the USA in 1961 as one of the first Japanese women. She then received Master of Art from New York University and finished her Ph.D. credits in Philosophy in 1965. In 1967, Tatsumura then turned to an independent career and became the top International Classical and Cultural Impresario/producer. Until 1992, she produced an average of 2,000 cultural events each year, traveling to more than 140 countries. She was presented with numerous honors for her work from different countries, many for humanitarian causes. She is also well known as
a philanthropist.

She studied Oriental Traditional Medicine of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. In 2000 she received her PHD and OMD from the International Academy of Education in Tokyo. She established the Oki-Do Holistic Health Center in 1994 in NY and in 2001 the GAIA Holistic Center (501C3 nonprofit organization) at the wake of 9/11 tragedy, for body mind and spirit, aiming for the noninvasive natural healing methods based on the wisdom of the East. She invented special holistic healing method called ONNETSU THERMOTHERAPY using Heat and 2 vibrations of Sun Far Infra-red (8-10μ) and Terahertz from deep earth planet minerals. The therapy has been widely hailed in hospitals and clinics especially in South Americas. Her invention is patent pending worldwide.

Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura has written numerous articles and several books: e.g. “Overcoming Cancer and Other Diseases in a Holistic Way”, “Your Immune Revolution & Healing Your Healing Power” (with Toru Abo, M.D.). Dr. Kazuko has been invited as a speaker at various World Congresses & International Conferences on Alternative & Holistic Health. She teaches and lectures to MDs and practitioners all over the world.


Onnetsu means comfortable heat. Onnetsu Thermotherapy invented by Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura emits from a special patented ceramic; 1) Heat 2) Precise 8-10μ of vibration of Far Infrared SunRay and 3) Vibration of Terahertz. Dr. Tatsumura is the first in the world to incorporate Terahertz minerals to medical use from active volcanos stones from Japan. Worldwide patent pending.
When Onnetsuki is slid over the skin, healthy areas are comfortable, but IF deep tissue is unhealthy or cold, degenerated, patient feels this spot to be ‘hot’. When this ‘hot spot’ is effectively treated with Onnetsu Thermotherapy (Far-Infrared & Terahertz vibrations, and Heat), the hot sensation subsides and the Disease Conditions improve through vibrating water molecules of our deep tissue. Therefore, the Onnetsu Thermotherapy is both a diagnostic and therapeutic. Dr Kazuko’s Onnetsu Thermotherapy is based on four historical and scientific facts:
1. Traditional Japanese Concept of the significance of Body Temperature. Hippocrates also has left quotes on Heat.
2. NASA's finding regarding Far-Infrared vibration from Sun light precise 8-10μ. Also, added is the specific Terahertz vibration of earth minerals from volcanos stones from the depth of our planet earth.
3. Immunology by Dr. Toru Abo, balancing autonomic nervous system to improve condition of white cells; Raising Immunity.
4. Promoting four flows of Energy throughout our body by using acupuncture meridian technique.
Some countries (Peru, Cuba & Mexico) are practicing it in the hospitals and clinics. Clinical trials have shown improvements on many diseases: such as asthma, brain, ear & eye problems, cancers, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis and various pain conditions. Clinical studies from Cuba and Peru will be presented.
Onnetsu Thermotherapy is a new, easy & noninvasive treatment modality to treat difficult chronic medical conditions. Therapy uses Universal Vibrations, Heat, Light, Autonomic Nervous System Balance and Acupuncture Meridian System. Dr. Kazuko has taught Onnetsu Thermotherapy to MDs and health practitioners over past decades throughout the world.